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Many accident reconstruction firms have focused their efforts on providing services to either defense or plaintiff clients. JDA takes pride in balancing our assignments so that our assignments represent a mix of both clients, thereby minimizing an assertion that our expertise is available only to one class of clients. Our firm has assisted in litigation that has resulted in one of the largest plaintiff verdicts ever received in New Jersey. Criminal defense is also an area where our services have been provided. While we will not represent individuals as clients, our rapport with attorneys that represent clients is excellent. We would be pleased to share with you some of the firms that have been satisfied with our work and willing to offer a reference regarding our expertise.

Insurance Companies

Whether working on a defense team that represents a client that is insured by one of the more than 50 insurance companies and third party administrators for which we have provided services or on an emergency evidence collection assignment in anticipation of potential litigation, adjusters know that the JDA team is ready, willing and able to provide a thorough and honest evaluation of the case and to assist them throughout the claim process. No assignment is too small or too complicated to handle. Contact us to discuss an assignment and obtain information about how our firm can assist you with your case.

Law Enforcement Agencies

While many law enforcement agencies have at their disposal trained and qualified experts in the police investigation community, often we are called upon to provide our expertise when it is believed that an impartial, unbiased analysis is warranted. JDA has offered services to local, county and state law enforcement agencies in their more serious crimes where our expertise is needed to solidify the case and provide flawless testimony regarding the accident event.

Fleet Managers

Managing a fleet of vehicles, whether passenger, van or tractor-trailer, can be a formidable task. When one of the fleet vehicles is involved in a collision, immediate action must be taken to insure that an adequate response is made to not only preserve the important collision evidence that is too frequently overlooked by police investigators, but also to assist in the early technical analysis of the collision so that a proper direction can be forged to defend the litigation that will likely occur.

The professionals at JDA can list as their clients some of the largest vehicle fleets in the country, including three of the largest package carriers in the industry. We are proud of our reputation as being one of the most respected accident reconstruction firms in the country and would be pleased to assist you regardless of where the need arises.


Both small and large scale developments are required to provide complete traffic impact assessments of their projects so that the reviewing and approving agency can make a determination as to the traffic impacts that the project will have on the nearby roadway network and require the necessary mitigation efforts to insure a safe and efficient flow of traffic.

JDA has prepared traffic impact assessments for large and small commercial, industrial, retail and residential developments in New Jersey and is familiar with the requirements for these type assessments. Our licensed, professional staff can provide full-scale service at reasonable fees.

Feel free to contact us to discuss an assignment related to your project.

Federal, State and Local Governments

Since 1989, serving public agencies has been a large portion of the assignments with which JDA has been involved. Most of the firm's associates have presently or previously worked for public agencies and, therefore, a firm understanding of the governmental process has developed. Whether it be a Federal or State agency that is defending an allegation of negligence for a vehicle under their control or a roadway defect or a State agency seeking reimbursement for property damage resulting from a catastrophic incident, the JDA team has the expertise to assist with the assignment. Local government projects involve both civil litigation defense and municipal review board assistance in the area of traffic engineering and traffic impact assessment.

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