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Director of Engineering
ACTAR #2227

Mr. Anderson has over ten years of experience working in the field of Civil Engineering. Mr. Anderson graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in civil engineering. Mr. Anderson has also received specialized accident investigation and reconstruction training from Northwestern University and has obtained full accreditation as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist from The Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR).

Mr. Anderson has been an employee of JDA since 2003. Licensed as a Professional Engineer in the State of New Jersey, Gary has experience in highway design and traffic analysis. As JDA's Director of Engineering, Gary has brought his skill as a highway designer for a major engineering consulting firm into the field of accident reconstruction. Some of his specialties include: electronic field data collection, Highway Capacity Analysis, traffic simulations and AutoCAD proficiency. Mr. Anderson coordinates the acquisition of governmental data resources and designs traffic counting protocols for volume, classification and spot speed surveys using state-of-the art electronic counters and equipment.

As a New Jersey DCA licensed building inspector, Mr. Anderson also analyzes slip / trip and fall accidents and premises liability matters. He will investigate the alleged dangerous condition and assess the connection between the deficiency and the breach of duty in designing, constructing and maintaining the premises in a manner that would be consistent with applicable codes and standards of care.

Mr. Anderson was one of two engineers from JDA who had the opportunity to work with the crash team at the 2010 Combined Annual Conference, hosted by MDATAI "Trailer Underride Collision Reconstruction." The demonstration involved delivering passenger vehicles to the side of a tractor-trailer, resulting in complete underride of the trailer, as well as delivering a vehicle to the rear tandems. The testing involved fitting multiple accelerometers, high speed cameras, GPS sensors, and vehicle braking control systems to the vehicles for data acquisition. In addition, each passenger vehicle was tracked with radar to confirm the accelerometer and GPS readings. The data obtained was then used by members of the crash team and other experts to validate methods of calculating underride collision severity.

Mr. Anderson has been deposed and qualified as an expert in Superior Court. As both a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician and firefighter in his home community, his experience in analyzing driver responsibilities in emergency vehicle accidents has validated his expertise in these type assignments.

Gary resides in Lincoln Park, NJ with his wife Beth and son Andrew. His recreational interests include RVing, fishing and home remodeling. He and his wife both volunteer with Lincoln Park Fire Department and Lincoln Park EMS.

Mr. Anderson brings the unique experience of having been an engineer with a major worldwide engineering consulting firm into the field of accident reconstruction, and is just one of the highly trained and skilled associates here at JDA.

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