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John Desch Associates offers training seminars to loss control and risk management supervisors, fleet managers and safety specialists in the "On-Site Accident Evidence Collection" process. Our seminar team consists of three individuals that are skilled in presenting this type of evidence collection training and who have demonstrated their expertise by responding to serious accidents around the country to collect and preserve the evidence which is essential to enhancement of the client's defense.

This program follows a basic format and training goals and provides guidance to both novice and experienced accident investigators in the technical aspects of accident investigation.

The seminar builds upon an organization's standard operating procedures for on-site accident investigation and provides the trainees with the technical skills to enable them to develop preliminary scientific assessments of the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Topics that are discussed include:

  • On-site evidence collection
  • Working with police
  • Information concerning vehicles
  • Information concerning roadways
  • Maps and measurements
  • Photography
  • Driver/witness interview techniques
  • Investigator equipment kit

JDA would be pleased to discuss your specific needs for an on-site training program and offer you a proposal for this service.

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