Traffic Recording

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Manual turning movement counts are performed at intersections to determine the existing traffic volumes and directional patterns at various locations. Turning movement counts can be performed at signalized or unsignalized intersections, including driveways. We utilize Jamar handheld data collectors to record the volumes. These counters have the ability to record regular traffic volumes of up to 3 different types of vehicle classes. The data is then downloaded to our computers for analysis. The data collectors can also be utilized to obtain data to perform a Gap Study. Gap studies are performed to determine if there are sufficient physical gaps of adequate size between vehicles on a certain roadway to allow other vehicles to turn onto that roadway.

Automatic traffic recorders (ATR) can be installed to obtain long term traffic volumes of up to 2 week duration. The ATR consists of tubes attached to the roadway which send a signal to the data recorder. ATRs can be used to determine traffic volumes, vehicle speeds, gap, and vehicle classification. The data is downloaded from the data recorder to our computers for analysis and report preparation.

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