Work Zone Safety

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Roadway maintenance work is dangerous. Construction and maintenance crews must work in close proximity to cars and trucks that are traveling at high speeds and often only a few feet from their work zone. The increasing need for repairs to existing pavements and structures while controlling an increasing traffic flow makes work zone safety a great concern of maintenance workers and highway users. Problems of traffic control occur when traffic must be moved through or around road or street construction, maintenance operations and utility work.

The experts at John Desch Associates have been thoroughly trained in the design, operation and maintenance of work zones and can evaluate the adequacy of a work zone as it may relate to the contribution or causation of a traffic accident. By performing thorough research of the standards and guidelines for Work Zone Traffic Control that have been promulgated by the Federal, State and Local Highway Agencies, our accident reconstruction experts can offer scientific opinions that will address the work zone safety as it may relate to the cause of the accident.

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